YoY organic last click leads increase
YoY organic traffic increase
YoY organic impressions increase
Meet The Brand

SuperCarers, a specialist carer introductory service operating around the UK to help the elderly, their families and their loved ones to find at home care to support independence and quality of life. Founded in 2015 by two brothers with a mission of ensuring nobody needed to struggle to find senior home care, SuperCarers have helped hundreds of families around the country find home care for their loved ones.

What They Needed

The business was growing at a steady rate but with new growth initiatives in place there was a need to accelerate, as well as shifting channels to bring in more leads by organic means as the spend on PPC was very high. Previous SEO consultants had been engaged but ROI was dubious and there were no clear signs of growth. Supercarers weren’t even sure if organic could be a viable growth channel for them but decided to give it one last shot, the Puglet way.

What We Did

We started off with a deep dive session to run technical and content audits, establishing a baseline understanding of the current status of the website, the social channels and the offsite and brand presence of Supercarers. The output from this allowed a firm list of technical fixes and specifications to be given to the front end developers, and the beginnings of a roadmap created to address key gaps in the necessary ingredients for maximum organic growth potential.

First up was core query mapping and targeting, getting the absolute fundamentals in place. SuperCarers already had a basic site architecture for care types, so we went in and optimised it fully with the brilliant basics – copy tweaks, meta data, H1s and images. Next was planning location driven expansion, to help target all the people looking for home care in specific cities, counties or neighbourhoods; we drew up a full deployment plan for a location architecture, prioritised by search interests and local conversion rate (the latter of course also drawing on existing PPC data to identify where the hotspots for care seekers were), including some wireframe drafts of what location pages needed to look like and contain to maximise their SEO potential at launch.

We also produced a social posting framework, leaning into high volume but relevant hashtags to help promote SuperCarers’ organic visibility for brand awareness, and an initial three month editorial plan for the blog which focused on ensuring that the brand was answering all the key questions about home care services with rich and informative content.

Once SuperCarers had the internal mechanics of the development lists and planning for location rollouts in progress, we needed to keep the growth cadence going. The first port of call was offsite work to start pumping high quality links into the domain, an area where the site was sorely lacking and causing it to drag behind the competition. Working with the in-house content teams to produce evergreen resource guides that were outreach friendly, we brought in the offsite champions at Reddico to start getting the offsite equity rolling in.

With things off and moving, we worked closely with the internal SuperCarers marketing and growth team to provide strategic advice, content strategy, technical SEO housekeeping and general organic roadmapping. Tapping into active trends and seasonality to maintain content cadence for maximum awareness growth, the site has sailed unscathed through numerous major Google algorithm updates and now sits in a good position for future and broader growth work.

How Well Did It Work?

Core optimisation work along with enhanced content strategy and offsite work has brought organic traffic into a major component of the channel mix on SuperCarers.com. 2019 organic sessions are up by over 1,800% YoY, even including normal seasonal fluctuations.

Following on from the increase in qualified traffic, last click organic leads for the same period are up over 91% YoY. Organic impressions for 2019 are up around 600%, showing just what you can do with the right approach to SEO, even in a niche like private home care!

Organic visibility trajectory has improved as well, first rather rapidly as core optimisation was put in place, then at a more gradual rate once initial SERP positioning was achieved and the site began to really elbow around with other competitors. In fact if we filter out brand terms we can really see the growth in the generic space, which is fantastic for showing how even a startup brand in a highly competitive area can make an organic splash.

Massive kudos to the outreach team at Reddico for their role in the project and, of course, to the lovely devs and the rest of the team at SuperCarers for their continued implementation efforts as well as the outstanding content production.

Working with Puglet has been the single most successful marketing investment the business has made. The numbers speak for themselves, nuff said.

Duncan McKennaGrowth & Commercial Director at SuperCarers
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