Action & Opportunity SEO Audits

“Ruth is a real SEO guru - she not only delivers incredible work but also explains the most technical elements in a very educational and professional way."

Ebba Karlsson - Thor Companies

Take Stock, Make Plans

More Than An SEO Audit

Just need to understand where the dickens you are and what you need to do next? An actions and opportunities audit from Puglet will pinpoint the most impactful on the technical SEO to-do list as well as highlighting key methodologies that will help you grow your organic marketing to the next phase.


Check the essential technical SEO components on your site.


Identify the real, key opportunities that will grow your business.


Understand your priorities - the essentials vs the embellishments.


Where are the biggest organic game-changers for your business?

Sound interesting? Get in touch for a chat and see if the Puglet approach can help your business.