Organic Landscape Research

"Ruth is an absolute titan of tech SEO and organic marketing strategy. I’ve relied on her counsel numerous times, and she is always bang on the money."

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A little organic orienteering

Explore Your Organic Space

Do you know who your competitors are in the real-world organic landscape? Don’t assume the brands you stalk and aim to emulate are the ones taking up the organic real estate that you want, on Google results or elsewhere. Get to grips with the real lay of the land with an organic landscape research piece from Puglet.


As well as good old-fashioned keyword research, do you know the popular Q&As in your space?


Who are the brands you're really competing with for the SERP placements you want?


Who is occupying those juicy position zero answers in the SERP, and how can you chase them for yourself?


Outside of Google's SERP, where else do your audience start their journey to your brand?

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