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Meet The Brand

Ideal Flatmate, an innovative flat sharing platform built to match people based on lifestyle and living habits. Founded in 2017 by co-founders Rob and Tom to make shared living less painful, Ideal Flatmate have proven their worth with flatmates who matched through the platform saying that they are 40% happier with their choice of living partners after six months than those who found them elsewhere.

What They Needed

With a hugely competitive rental marketing in London and other major UK cities, including long-time behemoth Spare Room as well as ecosystem mainstays like Gumtree and Rightmove, Ideal Flatmate needed to get firm growth roots in place to grow their audience and user base in order to expand key revenue streams. Some onsite technical SEO issues and the inherent challenges of a marketplace-type site platform added a little more spice to make the mission extra interesting.

What We Did

Prioritisation and impact evaluation was the name of the game from day one with Ideal Flatmate’s large website architecture; with the vast amounts of user generated content forming the basis for most of the site there was little point investing masses of resource into fixing every technical or content SEO hiccup that arose. We needed to focus on the stuff that would really move the needle.

Targeting, by working closely with the paid search team to identify the terms that converted well into signups and therefore revenue streams for the business, was refined to include both volume UK-wide terms as well as more niche and localised areas. Building out an architecture of browsable pages for key locations helped drive SERP footprint, and adjusting content proportionality with use of internal linking and topic theming on the blogs – one for landlords, one for home-seekers – helped reinforce long term visibility as well as seizing some nice editorial positioning and providing some good PR fodder.

To help grow audience awareness, Ideal Flatmate engaged with the specialist wizards at Properganda PR, who have been generating coverage at an impressive rate and really helping to put the brand on the map. The mentions in the media were really pushing branded search volumes as well as helping to earn citations (and even some links) which contributed SEO-wise to growing generic search placements. For an extra kick we advised bringing in the link acquisition masters at Reddico, who produced an evergreen piece and started getting resource links in from hugely authoritative sites like LSE and The Children’s Society.

While still bumping up against the behemoth that is Spare Room in the UK, a series of Google algorithm updates have now accelerated Ideal Flatmate’s visibility to an all-time high – a great example of doing the right type of growth the ethical way and getting to enjoy the payoff!

How Well Did It Work?

The site’s impressions and clicks from organic are both showing continuous growth now that the onsite technical problems are fixed and the search-friendly browsable architecture is in place. In fact for the peak room-seeking summer period of June-Sept, 2019 saw more than three times the volume of impressions and double the number of clicks. Can’t argue with that as visibility growth!

Thanks to both the generic growth contributing to awareness and the impressive PR action from team Properganda, the Ideal Flatmate brand has seen sufficient growth that you can see the upward trend coming in on Search Console for brand. Sweet!

Massive kudos to the outreach team at Properganda for their starring role in the brand and offsite growth and, of course, to the developers and the rest of the internal team at Ideal Flatmate for their continued implementation efforts and commitment to doing organic the right way. Long may it all continue!

Ruth has been amazing to work with over the last few years and has been instrumental in leading ideal flatmate’s organic growth. She brings the perfect blend of content and PR knowledge with deep technical expertise ensuring all SEO bases are covered!

Tom GatzenCo-founder of Ideal Flatmate
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