My specialism is around organic marketing, which is aimed at growing your brand and helping lower your long-term channel-blended cost of acquisition by helping attract valuable traffic and impressions you don’t have to pay per click or view on. Smart brands don’t rely solely on paid advertising to get ahead of the competition – baking your business cake is far bigger than that.

For more sprinkles, just add wrinkles. Here’s how Puglet Digital can help you.

SEO Auditing

Just need to understand where the dickens you are and what you need to do next? An actions and opportunities audit from Puglet will pinpoint the most impactful on the technical SEO to-do list as well as highlighting key methodologies that will help you grow your organic marketing to the next phase.

Organic Landscape Research

Do you know who your competitors are in the real-world organic landscape? Don’t assume the brands you stalk and aim to emulate are the ones taking up the organic real estate that you want, on Google results or elsewhere. Get to grips with the real lay of the land with an organic landscape research piece from Puglet.

Site Migrations & Relaunches

Relaunching your website? Migrating to a new domain or new CMS? It’s a scary time. Fortunately Puglet has helped to SEO-safe relaunch more websites than we’ve had hot dinners, from straightforward brochureware to large eCommerce and enterprise blue chip sites. Get in touch to find out about the free site launch stress counselling included in migration project packages!

Organic Marketing & SEO Training / Speaking

Need to power up your in-house teams, get an external trainer in to shake up your agency or make a small scene at your event with someone who doesn’t take digital at all seriously? Puglet can do everything from presentations to workshops to courses to mentoring to one-to-one intensive sessions. Individuals, small groups or big audiences, it’s all good – just let me know what you need.

General Consulting

Whether you’re a smart startup, a scrappy small business or a successful enterprise, there’s no shame in needing some reinforcements or just a fresh pair of eyes to help you tackle the humps from growth stagnation to penalty cleanup or just an external healthcheck. If I don’t think you need it, I’ll shoo you away. It’s all about adding realistic value to your business.

Ongoing Organic & SEO Management

I do sometimes take on retained work with selected clients to assist in longer term growth plans, act as an outsourced head of organic, in-house to support intensive work, or as an SEO quality control mechanism for a period of rapid development. If you think this could be helpful to your business, give me a shout and let’s see what you need.

Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Forget the £5k for an Instagram post fad – the influencer campaigns with the longest term benefits build in content co-creation with engaged and enthusiastic bloggers to grow your brand’s equity with relevant audiences. Make sure you have a media budget, though – those bloggers won’t work for free! Not sure how to get started with this whole malarky? Get in touch and I’ll talk you through it.

Oh, but don’t talk to me about journalists – if you’re after broader digital PR work then I can recommend a range of partners and options for you to get the help from a real expert, which ain’t me. The list isn’t anyone I get a cut from, either – just known and trusted previous partners in crime.

General Organic & SEO Help

Feel like your organic digital channels could be moving faster? Not sure if you should invest in that big ol’ technical SEO retainer, focus on content or hire a PR? Utterly confused about what the devil this all means? That’s no problem – drop me a line for a no-obligation chat and let’s see where you’re at and how best to help you progress.