The Brand

RIFT Refunds is a tax preparation service specialising in obtaining refunds for employees without fixed work locations, including the armed forces, construction, offshore and security workers.

The Need

Sustainable organic growth to bring in both general brand awareness traffic (getting more people to look for RIFT Refunds) and service awareness traffic (making more people aware of tax refund opportunities for workers with no fixed location), as well as direct commercial leads/signups.

The Approach
  • Ongoing mentoring to upskill the internal digital marketing team and allow them to take full control of their SEO strategy
  • Hot desking once a month from client offices with 5 hours of accompanying remote support
  • Ad hoc analysis and technical SEO recommendations to maximise website visibility potential
  • Review and implementation of content and social approach to maximise visibility using test and learn methodology to bring improvements
  • Onsite CRO work using A/B testing methodology to boost performance of landing pages for all traffic channels
  • Overhaul of the offsite SEO to focus on bringing in high authority backlinks using an evergreen resource-led outreach strategy, executed by specialists at Reddico
The Results
RIFT Refunds SEO Case Study
The Feedback

“Working with Ruth has been a pleasure. She taught me so much and played a key role in my professional development. I can’t thank her enough for all her help over the past couple of years. She truly is an expert and always ready to help or offer up a solution.”

Michelle JudgeOrganic Marketing Manager
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