The Brand

Lifecake was a small subsidiary innovation portion of Canon which developed a private, secure photo album app designed to help families around the world stay in touch and share photos and videos with interactive timeline features, but all without the privacy compromise of uploading this content to mainstream social media platforms.

The Need

Lifecake had identified that registered users acquired via non paid channels were of higher value to the business in terms of monetisation conversion and lifetime value, so wanted to increase the number of registered users acquired through organic marketing methodology.

The Approach
  • Initial kickstart project to build a strategy based on boosting organic brand awareness through content and improving site visibility potential with targeted keyword research and a more focused site architecture
  • Upskilling editorial and content teams within the brand to ensure that “business as usual” activity was done with SEO considerations in mind
  • Setting up core social media posting schedules and approaches in order to maximise organic reach on non-Google platforms
  • Ad hoc quarterly in-house hotdesking/workshop days to review organic performance and adjust strategy as needed
The Results
Lifecake SEO Case Study
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