The Brand

Anyone into anything from knitting to sewing to card-making knows Hobbycraft, a UK arts and crafts superstore with over a hundred locations nationwide as well as an extensive online shop and hobby community.

The Need

SEO support for migrating the online store to an entirely new eCommerce platform, with the aim to both minimise losses during the relaunch process and also set the new platform up to give high organic growth potential in the longer term.

The Approach
  • Joint project acting as technical SEO consultant for project coordination team at REBEL
  • Reviewing the current site architecture from core craft pillars to filtered subcategories with a view to maximising both SEO footprint potential and ease of browsing for users
  • Onsite technical SEO specifications and evaluation from SoW to codebase, including international setup, working closely alongside the platform developers to aim for a “best in class” style baseline
  • Support for URL migration management, including domain changes, redirect planning and implementation auditing
  • Live support for the developers and internal team during the launch day, including live checking of deployments against potential issues
The Results

A zero loss website migration and relaunch with a solid visibility boost and positive growth trend resulting from the improved architecture and targeting.

Hobbycraft SEO Case Study
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