So Puglet has been going well over two years now (we hit the official 24 months in October 2020) and bloody hell but where does the time go? I’m sure it was just yesterday that I was squinting at Xero and trying to figure out how the heck to make even the basics of this work on the idea of “well, let’s give it a try for a few months and see how it goes.”

I’ve been astonishingly privileged and lucky in a year that has been truly horrific for an alarmingly large number of people, both professionally and personally. The business has survived (indeed, thrived) and is still here, ready to roll on into 2021 and (hopefully) beyond. We’ve got some truly fantastic clients on board and lined up for some amazing potential projects…

…and so far it has been entirely through word of mouth!

I suppose you could argue that’s pretty much the gist of 100% organic and all-natural marketing, and I’m endlessly, enormously grateful to the amazing network I have who keep introducing me to people who might want to work with me. Still, as a marketer I also feel somewhat remiss. Puglet’s social channels are kind of (all right, a lot of) a mess, and barely used. This is the second blog I’ve written this year, and it hasn’t exactly been a quiet one for SEO or the digital world.

It turns out that being a one woman (and two pug) consulting band is a right pain in the wossname for having a nice and shiny online presence. Too much time on client work, basically nothing done on own brand…how very agency-typical of me. I could hire or outsource the lot perhaps, but that somehow seems like a form of surrender. Besides, I like writing about what I do, especially about Google’s eccentricies and the numerous injustices of the paid media world, and I suspect it’d be highly tricky to get some poor unfortunate copywriter to try to mimic the – ahem – unique style of my ranting and blathering.

So. Startup mode. I build strategies for other people to do the lean-and-mean efficiency malarkey so surely I can get my bum in gear sufficiently to do the same for myself! Just needs a break to plan. Hey, is that Christmas shutdown on the horizon? In lockdown? No social mixing?

Well, hello there.

Come on, 2021. Let’s do this. Practice what we preach, not be afraid to bring in support, but above all keep having a fantastic time delivering cool results for an amazing range of clients. Besides, it’s a good excuse to take more pictures of the pugs for the various channels, right? Not that I’ve ever needed much of an excuse. Thank goodness they’re cooperative and will work for biscuits. Keeps that creative budget nice and trimmed down.

In short: consultant marketing is a pain, and I’m a rambling writer. But in 2021, we’re gonna start doing it for Puglet. Hang onto your pups, folks.