Blogger & Influencer Campaigns

Grow your brand’s audience

Blogger campaigns that deliver

Forget the £5k for a single Instagram post fad – the influencer campaigns with the longest term benefits build in content co-creation with engaged and enthusiastic bloggers to grow your brand’s equity with relevant audiences. Make sure you have a media budget, though – those bloggers won’t work for free! Not sure how to get started with this whole malarky? Get in touch and Puglet can walk you through it.

Find Partners

Find the right partners for your campaign to work to reasonable budgets.


We'll find the right bloggers for your brand and get them excited to be involved.

Campaign Dev

Build a story that resonates with both your brand and your audience.

Brand Growth

Grow your organic footprint with offsite, user-driven joint storytelling.

Sound interesting? Get in touch for a chat and see if the Puglet approach can help your business.