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Meet The Brand

Lifecake is a small subsidiary innovation portion of Canon which developed a private, secure photo album app designed to help families around the world stay in touch and share photos and videos with interactive timeline features, but all without the privacy compromise of uploading this content to mainstream social media platforms.

What They Needed

Lifecake had identified that registered users acquired via non paid channels were of higher value to the business in terms of monetisation conversion and lifetime value, so wanted to increase the number of registered users acquired through organic marketing methodology.

What We Did

Working alongside the wider business growth strategy consultancy team at Daleth, Puglet came in to drive an organic user acquisition content strategy built around attracting visitors at all stages of the potential conversion journey while also expanding the core website architecture to lead users more gradually down the path from first touch to registration.

First up was core targeting and query mapping. Lifecake only had a single page website so we built it out into a basic hierarchy covering problem-solution research, laid out a sensible hierarchy for the pages and then focused optimisation on the terms with the highest user intent; we needed to make sure we were bringing in people likely to be interested in registering for Lifecake!

The second step was to expand the onsite content strategy to blow the top of the funnel wide open with everything to do with parenting, childhood memories and photography, maximising the brand’s reach in the awareness space and pulling in mass traffic to start pushing up interest in the brand. Previously this had been “propped up” by paid advertising strategies but we wanted to focus on lifetime users and building up the brand for the long term, so making Lifecake a real “family memories destination” was the approach here.

We took social media channels away from the pure customer service focus they’d previously had in order to tap into awareness level interest across parenting and photography spaces, building a hashtag post framework to lean into existing high profile social streams and surface the brand to interested users.

Finally, to assist in generic query ranking we produced a pair of highly detailed digital parenting focused resources built to be outreach friendly, and brought in the offsite champions at Reddico in order to get powerful links – everything from schools to NHS sites and many more delicious domains – rolling in to boost up the website’s authority.

How Well Did It Work?

Core optimisation work along with enhanced content strategy and offsite work turned organic traffic into a significant portion of the channel mix on Lifecake.com. During the growth drive, alongside the work being done by the team over at Daleth, account registrations increased by 26.50% per week.

Lifecake Organic Users

Organic visibility really benefited from the new user-focused approach with search intent built in. Non brand organic traffic shot up by 1983% YoY, along with visibility (from impression levels) going up by 295%. Organic website users increased by 58% YoY, improved positioning brought organic CTR up by 71% and average organic rank went up by a full third. The site started the growth drive with no commercial terms on page one of Google, but by the end of it we had 11 of our 15 core targeted queries up there.

Lifecake Organic Visibility

Along with search performance we saw huge improvements in the organic social reach for Lifecake’s major platform channels. On Facebook, engaged users went up 192% while post impressions shot up 486% and organic reach increased 349%. On Instagram results were even better; users commenting went up 359%, impressions grew 369% and overall organic reach increased a whopping 494% compared to the same period before the growth drive.

A huge shout-out to the team at Daleth, who set the overarching acquisition strategy, did the analytics, data and insight analysis and quietly slayed the CRO while Puglet revamped the organic side of things, and to the amazing gang at Lifecake within Canon who brought the vision so ably to life with creative and front end design support.